How to register the BT6500 Additional Handset:



1 On the handset which need to be registered you may see a message such as 'No link to base.' Please select 'Menu' by pressing the key highlighted above.


2 Using the up or down arrows scroll through the menu options until you come to 'Settings' and  confirm your selection.


3 Again, using the arrows scroll through the options until you have reached 'Registration' and confirm your selection.


4 Press select again to confirm that you would like to 'Register' the handset.


5 On the base station of your BT 6500 (the main unit, which is connected to the phone socket), press and hold the 'Find' button for 5 seconds until the base beeps. The base is now in registration mode.

6 On the handset, press 'OK' to confirm that the base is now in registration mode.


7 The handset will display the message 'Registering handset' and will then confirm registration (it can take up to 60 seconds). The newly registered handset will then synchronise data (calls, contacts) from your existing handsets.

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