Siemens Gigaset S820H

How to register the Gigaset S820H Additional Handset:



1 On the main phone base (the one connected to the phone socket), press and hold the paging button for 5 seconds until the base beeps.

The base is now in registration mode (the next steps must be finished within 60 seconds).


2 On the handset you want to register (the message "No Base" or "Base Connection lost" may be displayed on the screen), please press the  navigation button, the handset will enter MENU.



3 Use the touchscreen interface and tap on "Settings" to bring up the required MENU.


4 Using the touchscreen, select the option for "HS + Base" by touching the icon.


5 Touch the option for "Register" and the handset will start searching for a base in registration mode.


6 The phone will now show "Searching for a base that's in registration mode" and after a few seconds may prompt you to enter the system PIN (default is 0000).  Once registered the handset will display the message - "Handset is registered" and return to the main screen.

You are now ready to start using your handset.

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