How to register an RTX Repeater with the Gigaset SL400A

Extending the range of your cordless phones with the RTX repeater is made easy, with our handy guide for registration.

If you have already tried to set-up your repeater unsuccessfully, please reset your repeater (by plugging it in for 5 seconds, removing for 5 seconds, plugging it back in for 30 seconds, and then removing it) before moving on to the steps provided below. You will need to carry out this procedure in the vicinity of your cordless phone’s base station (main unit connected to your phone line):

For registering the RTX repeater with a Gigaset SL400A:

1Change ECO settings

  • From the handset, press the menu button or the centre of joystick then follow the sequence below:
  • Go to SETTINGS → SYSTEM → ECO DECT → Make sure 'Maximum Range' is ticked, and 'No Radiation' is not ticked.

2 Deactivate encryption

  • Follow Step 1 to access the SETTINGS and follow the sequence below:
  • Go to SETTINGS → SYSTEM → ENCRYPTION → Make sure this is switched off.

3 Put your phone into registration mode and register the repeater

  • Locate the page/intercom button on your phone’s base unit (this is the bigger unit which is plugged into your phone point). Press and hold the button for 3 seconds – you may hear a beep after doing this (depending on the model of the phone). The phone is now in registration mode and you will have 5 minutes to register the repeater.
  • Insert the repeater’s power plug for 1-2 seconds in the socket and then remove it. Insert it once more and leave it there. The LED on the repeater should now flash very quickly without interruptions.
  • On your handset, press (2) on the keypad and then the green answer button. The repeater’s LED will flash a corresponding number of times. Accept the registration by pressing the (*) key on the handset and wait until the dial tone cuts out. ^

The LED should go off for 2 seconds, flash for a brief moment and then remain continuously illuminated. This means the repeater is now registered.

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