BT Aura 1500

How to register the BT Aura 1500 Additional Handset:


1 On the handset which needs to be registered you may see a message such as 'Please register' or No link to base.' Please select 'Menu' by pressing the button highlighted above.


2 Using the arrows on the directional keypad, highlight the 'Settings' icon as illustrated and confirm your selection.


3 Scroll down the options until your reach 'Handset' and press OK. Once in Handset settings, scroll down to 'Register HS' and press OK. 


4 Press OK again when prompted to 'Select Base' and you will be asked to enter the System PIN. Enter '0000' and press OK.


5 The handset will display the message 'Registering...' and you have 60 seconds to complete the following step. 


6 On the base station of your BT Aura 1500 (the main unit, which is connected to your phone socket), press and hold the 'Find' button for 5 seconds until the base beeps. This should complete the registration.


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